Soul Oasis
At Love & Compassion Integrative Healing Center
124 E. 40th Street 12th Floor Suite PH New York NY 10016 (SW corner of Lexington Ave.)
(Take Elevator C behind the security desk to 12th Floor)
Tel: 212-242-8701

Welcome to Soul Oasis!

Soul Oasis is an advanced spiritual school for like-minded individuals who are ready to embark on their journeys to discover themselves and fulfill their purposes and their missions.  We offer practical teaching of Universal Qabalah, esoteric mystical knowledge and wisdom rooted in Hermetism, the blend of Egyptian and Greek metaphysics. 

Through Universal Qabalah, the heart of our teaching is “Inner Work”, realization of our true self.  This profound journey of self-discovery begins with inner healing and nurturing of the self with love that will evolve into compassion to others.  We offer individual healing sessions to support “Inner Work”.

Soul Oasis preserves the ancient linages of the East and the West and transmits knowledge and energy through an oral tradition, also called “handing down”.  We share original tools, such as meditation, rituals, and systems of healing that are a part of these traditions.

Our training is transformational and will help change your life, ultimately creating positive impact on the world we live. 

Our esoteric path requires time, dedication and commitment to learning and group-spirit for our community and service to humanity. 



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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide and assist individuals and groups in the conscious transformation through profound journey of healing and self-discovery and replenish with love and compassion towards themselves, others and humanity, ultimately toward enlightenment.


Soul Oasis
124 E. 40th Street 12th Floor Suite PH New York NY 10016
TEL: 212-242-8701

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