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We are certified initiated Adepts, Teachers, Guides, Oracles, and Ceremonial Masters in the North American Mystery School Tradition, and Guide members guided by the Hierarchy of Light. We hold the authentic lineage of this spiritual path and authorized to teach and hand down to our students the divine knowledge, rituals, meditation and healing techniques that we have received.

We are the teachers, healers and guides who teach empowerment by helping you not only understand the knowledge and apply into your day-to-day life, so that you can share their knowledge and experinece with others by showing your living examples.


About the Founder - Master Teacher:
Mika Ichihara

Mika’s lifelong journey is to act with “great compassion,” To her, compassion is an act of empowering people, and is not limited to giving. With her deepest compassion, she dedicates her life to healing and teaching about the soul and the soul’s journey.

Since an early age, she was aware of her destination to the Western countries. Since her first spiritual awakening at age 19, she has served in humanitarian operations and social justice at the United Nations and carried out academic research on international human rights. Her own spiritual journey and soul empowerment led to her second spiritual awakening in her mid-thirties, which t transformed her desire to change her profession from serving a global cause to the service for inner peace.

She believes that all prior professional knowledge and experiences combined with her soul journey have allowed her to develop mastery in healing and her dedication to teaching.

Mika is a Master practitioner in Eastern Medicine and energy medicine, integrating ancient Eastern and Western esoteric lineages, and has developed a complete healing system. Her spiritual foundation is based on the Taoist teachings, Japanese Esoteric Buddhism, as well as the ancient Western esoteric/mystery school lineage and tradition. She is an initiated Teacher, a Guide, and an initiated Ceremonial Master under the 7th Ray Mystery School under the North American tradition, and she is a member of the Hierarchy of Light. She is a certified teacher of Universal/Hermetic Qabalah. She is also a Reiki Master (Traditional Usui Reiki) and a certified Feng Shui consultant.
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As W. E. Butler says, "I desire to know in order to serve."


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