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When a student seeks, the teacher appears!

  • Are you reaching a certain point in your life where you are ready to spend a moment to spiritually review your life and are willing to search deeper within and discover the meaning of life?
  • Despite having many achievements and successes in your life, do you still feel that something vital is missing, and want to find what it is?
  • Would you like to incorporate spirituality into your daily life and live purposefully, rather than simply living passively or materially?


Soul Oasis is a member-based study community of Universal Qabalah under the ancient Mystery School traditions, led by a certified master teacher. Our Universal Qabalah program is available for seekers who wish to embark on their soul journey for self-discovery, healing, and attainment.

At Soul Oasis, your goal is to live fully with Qabalah, not limited to learning its philosophy. Therefore, your personal and spiritual growth is infinite!

With the knowledge, meditation, and spiritual tools of Universal Qabalah, this journey will elevate your consciousness; therefore, you can awaken your innate potential and achieve inner and external transformation, leading to life fulfillment.

As a student of Qabalah, you will be ultimately called to help elevate human consciousness as a light worker, and serve humanity by filling the world with light, love, and compassion. You will become a spiritual agent for change, having a positive impact on the world we live in.

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Light, love, and compassion to all,


Mika Ichihara
Master Teacher/Master Practitioner
Soul Oasis




Our Mission

Generate global community under the original Mystery School traditions and build higher collective consciousness through supporting individual transformation via profound journey of healing and self-discovery and serve together as a group for humanity with light, love and compassion.



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