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Advanced Meditation / Channeling 瞑想

Meditation is an indispensable tool for purifying the mind to create inner peace. According to Buddhism, the mind, the speech (mantra), and the body form the “Three Doors” that transform our existence to the higher state of realization.
Meditation practice is an entry to self-awareness. Acquiring proper meditation skills is critical to developing a sustainable meditation practice. It is the best to receive guidance directly from an experienced teacher.

At Soul Oasis, meditation practice is further evolved into advanced meditation and channeling. We will guide you to properly channel divine energy and align with the source.

Our lineages include Taoist Master teacher Zhi Gang Sha, Tibetan Buddhist teachers Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche in the Nyingma tradition, and North American Mystery School Tradition.
Currently all trainings are offered online.

Level 1: Beginners: Inner Awakening

This beginners’ workshop will give you all skills you need to get started. You will learn all necessary skills how to quiet the mind and create calmness and inner peace, instead of inner chatter. You will learn how to develop and sustain inner peace (instead of being preoccupied with daily stress, anxiety, and worry) and establish restful sleep. Two half-day weekend workshop.

Level 2: Intermediate: Inner Cultivation

Level 2 workshops focuses on your inner awareness and consciousness through body and mind integration. This workshop will introduce advanced Daoist meditation techniques to activate your physical body and establish the flow and balance of your energy. This Workshop also helps cultivate inner love and compassion to heal, grow, and transform your life. Prerequisite: Beginners’ Meditation level 1.

Level 3: Advanced Meditation with Sacred Geometry

This training introduces you into advanced astral meditation techniques taught under the ancient Mystery School. You will learn sacred geometry and how to use them for inner activation and also space clearing. You will be handed down divine rituals.

Level 4: Advanced: Astral Meditation Basic

This training will teach you advanced astral meditation skills to expand your consciousness under the ancient Mystery School Tradition. We generally use only 10-15% of our brain and this training will begin activating the dormant part of the brain including subconscious. You will be handed down divine rituals.

Level 5: Channeling 1 Basic

This advanced training will introduce you to esoteric channeling skills under the ancient Mystery School Tradition. Channeling requires your physical, mental and energetic preparation, so as to align with the divine energy. You will be handed down divine rituals.

Level 6: Channeling 2

Coming soon...

Healing Meditation Workshop

Healing is an opportunity to grow. It begins with your desire to heal. Activate your innate self-healing abilities! This workshop will teach you techniques that will help you accelerate healing. This training is open to all levels of meditation, including beginners. Available for private instructions. Two half-day weekend workshop, $225, retake: $160.

Private Instructions

Private instructions available by Master Teacher Mika Ichihara. Please email to to request more details.


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