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Soul Oasis’s Universal Qabalah program is an authentic, lineage-based, and esoteric style of studying. Soul Oasis is the home for true seekers and students of Universal Qabalah, based on light, love, and compassion. The teaching is taught from trained teachers to students in a group setting. Currently, most of our programs are taught online.

Esoteric Teaching

Soul Oasis leads a member-based study community and offers authentic, esoteric teachings of Universal Qabalah and healing services under the ancient Mystery School traditions.
Our esoteric path aims at attaining self-realization and fulfillment in life with true purpose and mission through healing and divine knowledge that has been preserved for tens of thousands of years.
The ultimate goal of this esoteric path is to heal you from the shadows and obstacles that prevent you from attainment. This will allow you to become a true light worker so that you are not only extending love and compassion to yourself and your loved ones but you are also serving humanity and our Mother Earth. This is the highest path in the physical realm.

Our Lineage:

Soul Oasis preserves ancient lineages of the East and the West, and transmits true knowledge and energy through an oral tradition. We hand down original spiritual tools such as meditation, rituals, and systems of healing that are a part of these traditions.
Our healing and training are provided by certified teachers, guides, and oracles within the ancient Mystery School tradition, Ceremonial Masters in the North American tradition, Ritual Masters in the lineage of King Solomon the Great, and guides initiated by the Hierarchy of Light.
Soul Oasis follows the original teaching styles and formats, which is quite distinctive from modern New Age certification-based workshops and trainings.

General Goals at Soul Oasis:

  • Develop personal transformation through healing and spiritual growth.
  • Become resilient, especially in difficult social times.
  • Live life at a higher vibration.
  • Become a light worker based on a sound, spiritual foundation, integrity, refined skills, and knowledge under our Mystery School tradition.

Structure of the Universal Qabalah Program:

  • The courses are taught online in a group setting by the certified Qabalah teacher/guide who leads group discussions and active interactions.
  • The courses are held once or twice a month, according to the levels.
  • Students are required to commit to the entire term of the enrolled level.

Group Setting - Community:

  • Students participate in the community, learn from each other, and support each other.
  • The community of the students is built based on respect, love, and compassion for each other.
  • Students are encouraged to take in charge of their journey of the soul, rather than passively participating.
  • Students respect the teacher, her lineage, and her style of teaching.

Courses of Our Universal Qabalah Program:

  • Level 1: Universal Qabalah Foundation
    • Duration: 9 months
    • Meets every 2 weeks for 12 classes over approximately 6 months, followed by 3 workshops, which are held monthly.
  • Level 2: Tree of Life Ascension
    • Duration: 12 months
    • Monthly
  • Level 3: Pathworking: Tree of Life Dissension
    • Duration: 22 months
    • Monthly
  • Level 4: Advanced Tree of Life Ascension
    • Duration: 12 months
    • Monthly
  • Level 5: Advanced Pathworking: Tree of Life Dissension
    • Duration: 22 months
    • Monthly

Additional Programs:

Soul Oasis offers the following additional training programs to provide skills in the relevant areas:


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