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Testimonials: Meditation Workshops

Here are some of the wonderful voices from the students who attended our Meditation Program…

“This Workshop was exactly what I had been searching for. I’ve strengthened my connection to my inner self, and have been able to make positive changes in my life as a result. Mika covered a lot of materials, and  I really hope that she offers more meditation workshops in the future so that I can continue to delve deeper into my practice!” 10/18 - E.R

“Since taking this meditation Workshop, I have gotten better at letting go of negative thoughts. I feel more like I have a better understanding of how my thoughts work, and how to be mindful of my thought processes. I really enjoyed all of the various styles and techniques that were introduced to me, especially the chanting!” 10/18 -  K.T

“This Workshop enabled me to gain control over the workings of my mind. In doing so, I am able to get more out my meditation experiences and to get into a meditative state with ease. I really enjoyed using sound as a meditation tool during the class.” 10/18 - S.Y

“I was able to learn about the five main energy centers and how they can be utilized to deepen meditation. This Workshop was an excellent value! It was packed with way more information than I had anticipated.” - 12/17 L.A

“This Workshop was a great introduction to meditation. Mika taught me proper breathing techniques and gave me tips that allowed me to improve my ability to visualize. It exceeded my expectations, and I would love to take more classes with Mika.” 10/17 M.D

“I learned so much more than I realized I would. This Workshop exceeded my expectations and taught me about many different techniques. I got to learn more about the inner workings of meditation, and the energetic processes involved that make it so effective.” 10/17 G.H

“I was able to try out new types of meditations that I found to be very effective. Mika guided this class beautifully, and I look forward to deepening my practice by taking more classes with her.” 10/17 - L.L

“This Workshop has given me new techniques to work with. As a result of the new information that I have, I’ve been able to recharge my inner energy levels and ground myself as needed. The Workshop was beginner friendly, and Mika did a great job of making the information easy for me to understand. It was an exceptional experience!” 10/17 -G.K

“Starting meditation was overwhelming for me, but this Workshop simplified the process and gave me the tools and techniques that I needed to really start seeing the benefits. Mika broke the process down into easy to follow steps. This Workshop was packed with valuable information.” 1/17 - S.K

“I was given the tools that I needed to deepen my meditation practice. I was also able to learn about the different types of meditation, some of which I had not heard of before. I learned way more than I was initially expecting to and this class met all of my expectations.” 1/17 - G.V

“I was able to learn how to control and refocus my energy. As a result of the techniques that Mika taught us, I am able to stay on task in my day to day life and am accomplishing my goals. It was exactly what I needed!” 6/16 - Y.W

“This was an excellent Workshop. It taught me about energy centers, and how the mind, body, and soul all work together during meditation. I have been able to deepen my practice and am getting more out of meditation than ever before.” 6/15 - M.F

“This program helped me get back into meditation and clear my mind from thinking too much. I also learned how to breathe deeply again and relax. Over all this experience felt like a ‘time-out’ from the work to help me stay balanced and stress free from what’s going on.” 10/2012 – A.C

“This program gave me the luxury and confidence to focus and unwind, to reach a point where I can feel more grounded + centered. It anchored me during a transition in my life and gave me tools to continue to focus. I love the chakra cleansing aspect of this whole experience as well.” 10/2012 – L.

“I feel so much calmer and much more balanced after this program. I am also paying more attention to my breathing and how I feel energetically. I had no experience with meditation or energy work prior to this so it was hard to sit still for so long but now I am able to just sit and meditate and just let go. I learned so much and it really opened me up to new things and experiences and also kick start my spiritual journey!” 05/2012 – N.M

“After this I feel like I’m moving into a more positive energy, stay more focused and calm. This helped me find my own inner peace in a not so peaceful world. I love the chanting and white light meditation here as well.” 05/2012 – L.R

“Through this program I have the tools to feel more confident towards the future practice and approaching the topics of meditation amongst other things related to meditation. It also helped me improve my daily practice at home and I feel like I have made a greater transformation in my life.” 12/2011 – E.K

“I feel like this program has helped me deal with stress in a better manner and tackle life better. I also feel calmer and not as sad as I was when I first started. I want to continue meditation and learn more since I feel more aware of my own energy plus I am even more sensitive to it. My favorite part was the giving of energy to others and the chanting.” 06/2011 – A.C

“After this program I feel more calm and healthier since I am more at peace. This helped remind me how helpful meditation can be everyday. This experience also helped me feel more grounded, keep my energy down rather than racing around in my head. I especially loved the chakra cleansing aspect part of this class.” 12/2011 – T.

“This program further re-affirmed my commitment to spirituality and reminded me of the importance of daily meditation. I am still in the process of transformation and I am more mindful of my own desire to be more disciplined. I liked reciting the mantras and chakra cleansing during this class as well.”
12/2011 – R.P

“The Program helped make me a lot calmer. It helped established a daily routine, where I was able to be more in touch with my spiritual side. The program opened me up to more spiritual aspects, which gave me more compassion. It helped me with my anger issues. I like While Light cleaning, Organ Meditation and Chanting”. (Male, 20s)

“The Program helped me calm myself and focus on priorities. I love chanting the most.” (Female, 40s)

“I now find myself much calmer, happier and more positive. I am in the process of adopting a baby. Although I have been excited about it, I admit that I had fears. However, since I have been in this Program, my fears have disappeared. I like Chanting the most!” (Female, 40s)

“The Program game me something to focus to ground myself. It helped me to open new space to change and develop consciousness. I like Energy Circulation, Chakra Cleansing and White Light Cleansing.” (Male, 30s)

“As I continue with meditation, it has further improved in integrating my Mind, Body and Soul and in the way that I view and interact with others. I feel like I am only in the very beginning of my transformation as I want to meditate and start Yoga and learn about Eastern ways of thinking for many years to come. I liked Energy Circulation and opening the Heart Chakra the most.” (Female, 20s)

“Now meditation provides a daily opportunity to boost Energy, center my Mind and emotions, and be in touch with some of my innermost feelings. The Program has been a start to becoming more aware of my inner voice and Body. The first few sessions taught me that I could access my inner realms and sustain a pace to deep contemplation. As I moved ahead and incorporated meditative practice on a more daily basis, my Energy improved, relationships with people in my life also became more enriched and balanced. An added bonus is that difficult situations became easier to accept, as I looked within for answers and peace. I like boosting Energy through meditation on the Root Chakra.” (Female, 50s)

“The Program helped me to be calmer and more serene. I feel stronger and more accepting myself and others. I love circulating Energy the most.” (Female, 40s)

“The Program helped me to balance and focus. I am constantly taking every opportunity to meditate and see healing Light. I love breathing exercise and the healing White Light.” (Male, 50s)

“Learning mediation has given me an alternative way of reducing stress and structure to rely on. I have centered me and helped me let go of things and more and more quickly through problems and stress. It has helped me find ways to open my Heart and focus my awareness on the present moment. I love Chanting and Chakra Cleansing the most.” (Female, 20s)

“The Program helped me bring meditation fully into my daily life, which helps provide me grounding. I became much more aware of the flow of Energy through my Body. It helped me become aware of blockages and work that I must do. I love Chakra Cleansing and Heart Opening the most.” (Male, 30s)

“The Program taught me to relax, deal with stress and overcome fears and in securities. It allowed me to begin to love Myself, heal my Inner-Child. It has brought me insight for growth. I was an abused child and have experienced many traumas in my life. I suffered eating disorders, panic attacks, severe insomnia, depression, phobias, and constantly liked in a perpetual state of fears. Through this Program, I feel like a totally new person! I like circulating Energy in the Chakras and Chakra Cleansing.” (Female, 30s)

"The Program helped me improve in relationships and daily interactions. I learned how to live in peace in daily activities. It taught how to quiet the Mind. I love to send love to heal and chanting." (Male, 20s)

"The Program taught me to think more positive, be better for myself at work and be more proactive. It helped me not to think too much and block out negative thoughts." (Female, 20s)

"In the beginning, I could not sit still, focus or visualize at all. But now, after attending several sessions, I am getting better and better and now enjoy meditation so much. I am looking forward to the next Circle. Thank you."

"When I started the Meditation Circle, I was always complaining about the work, boss, colleagues, and so on. Now, I am completely different. I started talking to them and help as much as I can. I know that they look me differently with lots of respect. My social circle expanded by far and I cannot stop receiving invitations!"

"Whenever I come to the Meditation Circle after a long day at work, I recognize that some energy centers or parts of the body are stagnant energetically. As we go through the meditation, I clearly see a difference, dissipating the energy blockage and purify the energy. I really need this on a regular basis for grounding myself."

 "Thank you for leading the Meditation Circle. I am amazed to see that the positive effect of the Meditation Circle last for over a week."

"I always feel strong positive energy during and after the Circle. I meditate by myself on a daily basis, but this group meditation is totally different and complements my spiritual practice. Thank you."


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